End of the road – oct. 2011

By | 13 October 2011

For some people, it may seem strange to bike the North Shore of the province to make a film about the relationship between Quebecers and First Nations people. But our intuitions were right … The land spoke to us, deep in the heart. Perhaps simply because on the road we always feel alive.

Sometimes… often, we were embarrassed to speak about the project with people we met on the road. We were afraid of the reactions. The fear of being judged. The suject can be tabou around here. But we wanted to understand. And every time, in the Innu communities as in Quebec French villages, we were welcomed with open arms. And always with careful listening and interest that goes beyond curiosity. Every one had something to say.

The end of the cycling road has been reached for this year! After a short snow fall, the wind led us gently to Natashquan and the Innu community which is a few km from the village. We are now back home and we dive into our images and notes to prepare the next shooting… next spring and summer.