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Deep inside humanity


* This project is supported by Telefilm (production), the Québec Council for the Arts (development & production), the city of Québec (development & production), SODEC (development) and the Canada Council for the Arts (development).

Four grade-one children who were born the same, but each day grow apart through of their relationship to the world. It’s back to school everywhere on the planet. In Quebec, Émile looks forward to boarding his first yellow school bus. In Palestine, Soraida and her mother walk anxiously in front of the military post leading to her new school. In Nepal, Kusum shyly eats her meager snack sitting among children she does not know, and in the Haitian countryside, Junior proudly waves to his grandfather who will be his first teacher. From morning rushes to playgrounds squabbles, to the solemn silence of a first exam, this film portrays a child’s view on the adult he will become, as well as an adult’s view on the child he wishes he still were.

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