MÖ FILMS is a film production company based in Quebec who wishes, through its various projects, to contribute to the debates and issues of our times. Issues related to identity, social fabric, territory, environment and social justice are all subjects that inspire our projects.

Deep inside humanity


* This project is supported by Telefilm (production), the Québec Council for the Arts (development & production), the city of Québec (development & production), SODEC (development) and the Canada Council for the Arts (development).

Four grade-one children who were born the same, but each day grow apart through of their relationship to the world. It’s ...

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The situation of Rohingya refugees in the heart of one of our next films

The situation of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, too little known around the world, will be at the heart of one of our next documentaries. In October 2018, the documentary photographer Renaud Philippe, whose work is praised worldwide, and the filmmaker Olivier Higgins, filmed for nearly three weeks in what is, to this day, the most important refugee camp in the world: Kutupalong refugee camp, ...

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MÖ FILMS receives support from SODEC, the CAC, the CALQ and Québec City!

2018: Directors and film producers Mélanie Carrier and Olivier Higgins received support from the SODEC, the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and Québec City to develop their feature-length documentary Deep inside humanity”, for which they will travel the world to document the first year of school for children living in very contrasting environment....

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