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Documentary / 52 minutes / 2011 / French and English Versions

Quebec, Canada. At the summer solstice, a group of young people gathers for a one-of-a-kind adventure. Some are Aboriginals from the Innu and Huron nations, others are southern Quebecers. They will travel the Jesuits’ ancestral trail: 310 km of land and water which links Lac Saint-Jean and Quebec City. Some of them embark on this journey to follow their ancestors’ trail, others for a unique experience with nature or as a personal challenge. One thing is sure: throughout this 21-day long adventure, they will have to learn to better know each other and rise above prejudice. From laughter to silence, with stories and moments of introspection, a simple encounter turns into a profound learning experience.


The expedition behind the film “Encounters” is an initiative of Nancy Bolduc.


Annie Plante                                       Kevin-Dave Villeneuve
Benoit Gros-Louis Ferland              Louis Lefebvre
Catherine Whittaker                         Marie-Ève Robertson
Claude Boivin                                     Michel Tremblay
Emma Connolly-Raphaël                Myriam Benoit
Gordon Moar                                     Nancy Bolduc
Jacynthe Connolly                            Nicolas Létourneau
Jeff Basile                                           Sébastien Rojo
Jérémy Robertson                            Simon Carrier
Utshimashkuess Valin-Boivin


Productors – Mélanie Carrier et Olivier Higgins
Directors – Mélanie Carrier et Olivier Higgins
Editors – Olivier Higgins et Éric Denis
Director of Photography – Olivier Higgins
Music – Philippe Venne
Sound Mixing Studio – Studio SFX
Sound Design – Olivier Auriol
Sound Mixing – Pierre Rousseau
Research – Mélanie Carrier, Olivier Higgins
Image Postproduction – Studio Élément
Colorization – Éric Denis
Animation and VFX – Thierry Roussel-Garneau
Graphic Designer – Francis Desharnais et Simon Giguère

Available in English here on DVD or online, on MÖ FILMS’ Vimeo channel

No other screenings are planned so far.

  • Inkafest, Peru (august 23 – 31 2013)
  • Wild and Scenic Film Festival, San Francisco, USA (jan. 11-13 2013)
  • Oaxaca International Film Festival, Mexico (nov. 8-17 2012)
  • 37th American Indian Film Festival, San Francisco, USA (nov. 2-9 2012)
  • Brantford Film Festival, Ontario, Canada (nov. 3 2012)
  • Ojai Film Festival, California, USA (oct. 25-28 2012)
  • Utopia Film Festival, Maryland, USA (oct. 20-21 2012)
  • Native Spirit Film Festival, London, England (oct. 12-19 2012)
  • National Geographic All Roads Film Festival, Washington, USA (sept. 26-30 2012)
  • Mexico International Film Festival (april 2012) – Winner « Golden Palm Award »
  • Indie Spirit Film Festival, USA (april 2012) – Winner « Best Native American Feature Film »
  • Cinema on the Bayou, Louisiana USA (jan. 2012) – Winner « Best Humanities Themed documentary »
  • Cinema Politica at Laval University, Quebec (nov. 19 2012)
  • Café du Brulôt, Chibougamau, Québec (nov. 1st 2012)
  • Public Library of Chicoutimi, Quebec (oct. 30 2012)
  • Festival Rêves d’Automne,Baie-St-Paul, Quebec (sept. 25 2012)
  • Festival de la Pais, Victoriaville, Quebec (sept. 22 2012)
  • CINÉMA LE CLAP, Quebec City (2 weeks – jan. 2012)
  • CINÉMA BEAUBIEN, Montreal (2 weeks – jan. 2012)
  • Press Premier, Ciné-Club de Spirafilm, Quebec (nov. 27 2011)

Available in English here on DVD or online, on MÖ FILMS’ Vimeo channel