Ice Philosophy

By | 21 September 2013



Sometimes, in men’s ice cold eyes, only scarce things become precious. Therefore, a man travels the globe in search of ice from the last standing glaciers.

  • Productors – Mélanie Carrier et Olivier Higgins
  • Directors – Mélanie Carrier et Olivier Higgins
  • Actor – Gaétan Duchesne 
  • Editors – Olivier Higgins et Éric Denis
  • Director of Photography – Olivier Higgins
  • Sound Mixing Studio – Studio SFX
  • Sound Design – Olivier Auriol
  • Sound Mixing – Pierre Rousseau
  • Research – Mélanie Carrier, Olivier Higgins
  • Image Postproduction – Studio Élément
  • Colorization – Éric Denis

Environmental Film Festival at Yale, USA (march 31st to august 6th 2014)
Projection of « Best Shorts of FICMA », Madrid (march 13th 2014)
XVII Gran Paradiso Film Festival, Italia (26th to 31st 2013)
Inkafest, Peru (23 – 31 août 2013)
Environmental Film Festival Voices, Colombia (2013)
Mountainfilm in Telluride, Colorado, USA (may 24th to 27th 2013)
Festival Cinergie, Festival International du Film Francophone, Saskatoon (may 2nd to 5th 2013)
10th Annual San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival (march 7 to 10 2013)
30e Festival International du Film d’Environnement, Cinéma des Cinéastes à Paris (Feb. 19 to 26 2013)
FICAMS Antarctica’s 1st International Film Festival, Punta Arenas, Chili (nov. 20-24 2012)
Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival, China ( december 3 to 7 2012)
Cinéma Cartier, Québec (november 26 2012)
8e Festival du Film Francophone de Hamilton, Ontario (novembre 2012)
Short Short Story Film Festival, Providence, RI and Concord, USA (novembre 2012)
19e Festival International des Films sur l’Environnement de Barcelone (FICMA) (nov. 2012)
Festival International de Films Fantasia, Montréal (july 19 to august 7 2012)
Ecologico International Film Festival, Italia (august 2012)
International Short Film Festival of Uruguay – FICU, Uruguay (july 2012)
The Short Day of Environmental Film Festival “EcoCup”, Russia (mai 2012)
Green Film Festival de Seoul, South Corea (may 2012)
Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québécois, Montréal (February 2012)
Cinéma Le CLAP and Cinéma BEAUBIEN primering the film Encounters (2 weeks in jan. 2012)
Festival Cinema on the Bayou, Louisiane (january 2012)
Festival Planet in Focus, Toronto (october 12 to 16 2011)
Festival de Cinéma de la Ville de Québec (september 21 to october 2 2011)
Festival de Off-Courts de Trouville, France (2 to 10 2011)
Festival de Films de Portneuf sur l’Environnement, Quebec (june 2011)