Eddy & Zac

By | 21 September 2013



This feature documentary offers an intimate foray in the heart of a world that we believe disappeared, in the intimacy of deep friendship and in the splendor of the Nitassinan, the territory covering the Canadian Shield, extending from the North Shore to the Labrador border.

Eddy is 69 years old. Fascinated by the latest digital technology, from 3D to hologram, he documents the Innu culture for nearly thirty years. His video archives, kept in the vault of the Regional Museum of the North Shore, is a mine of informations. His best friend Zachary, an Innu of 72, lives in the territory, in his tent, several months a year. He hatches, hunts and prepares caribou fat like in the old days. Every winter, Eddy joins Zac for several weeks where they share traditions and modernity.

This film questions the inevitable paradox between tradition and modernity. It questions the need to preserve cultures while being open to the other. The importance of not falling into the cultural fossilisation, while avoiding the disappearance of ancestral knowledge. A fundamental question that applies as much to Quebec culture as to the various indigenous cultures of the country…  and even of the whole world.

* This project is currently in development with the National Film Board of Canada (NFB).